Video Production On The Road

Outside Broadcasting (OB) Production Studio On-Wheels

Clients are having to balance its budgets with extremely high production values. And the demand to deliver the final product on-time is critical. WBITN meets your needs.
WBITN's OB van is a fully equipped television studio on-wheels with the capability to deliver in Ultra HD 4K and 5K. WBITN remains at the forefront of technical innovation in order to provide its clients a mobile production offering to its location. Clients have access to the full production cycle in order to ensure its needs are met.
Virginia-based WBITN Broadcasting is a leading player in television, digital media, corporate and commercials. Composed of media production professionals, WBITN brings one of the most efficient, high-quality, and flexible video production workflows on-location through its OB production van on the East Coast.
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