WBITN Founder: Luc Vidal

Luc Vidal is founder of WBITN Broadcasting, focusing on home improvement and design. He created a system for the efficient delivery of videos through the WBITN Broadcasting Van.
Photograph by: WBITN
WBITN is a fiber-based TV channel in Virginia.   WBITN focuses on producing new TV shows all about DIY and home improvement in the DC, MD, and VA region.

Luc is always looking to discover natural talents for new shows.

His story is based in video production, media broadcasting, and business.  Luc predicted the fiber system would be used in every media platform – which is real today.

WBITN is always focused on giving the quality that clients are looking for.   WBITN is growing successfully.

Luc is always looking to partner with companies who want to work together.

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