The front of your house gives the first impression of your home.   And that includes your front yard.   You can choose what impression you want to make.   To make a classic statement, it can be quite easy.   Try tulips.   Now, in the Fall, is the time to plant them in time for next Spring.   No matter how you place them, they will never fail you and always make quite the impact.

Photograph by: Olga Arminen

Simply choose one type of tulip that you like, find a patch in your front yard, and just plant a lot.   Go for it.   By choosing one color, you can make your own statement and add class.   The quality of bulbs are important.   Try Purple Prince Tulips at Amazon.

Photograph by: Spiroview Inc

Choose a variety of colors to make the feel more natural.   Try the 100 Pastel Mixture Tulip Bulbs at Amazon.   Either way, by sticking to tulips, it will make it easy for you and it will always look classic.