There are lots of soil options to choose from when planning for your garden.   Organic soil can be a great choice for most flowerbeds.   While clay can dry out easily and mulch can attract unwanted bugs and make it hard to measure water intake, organic soil creates strong plants and an easy to manage garden. 

Photography by: Maarten Van Den Heuvel

Organic soil is made from decomposed plant and animal materials, making it rich in nutrients and minerals.   This causes plants grow stronger and become more resistant to pests and disease, eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides that can damage your garden.

Photography by: Krystina Rogers

The key to using organic soil is to pack it loosely so that there is enough air.   This way, there is space for your plants to retain water and have plenty of room to grow.   For your pots, the FoxFarm Organic Potting Soil at Amazon is popular.   And for your larger outdoor garden, people have found positive results with the Super Soil Organic Concentrate at Amazon.   Now is a great time to plant your bulbs for the upcoming spring bloom.