The simplest way to improve the look of your home is to have uniformity.   It is hard to have a completely uniform look when we all have so many things overtaking our space, but an easy way to start is with furniture and décor.

Photography by: WBITN. Location: Ligne Roset, DC.

It may sound like a lot, but revamping your space with uniformity can be manageable.   Matching simple pieces, like cloth storage bins or clothes hangers, can make spaces look decluttered and add to their aesthetic value.   Simple fixes like using the same frames for your wall décor and making their placement symmetric can also create a crisp, uniform look to your home.   Bigger changes can include making furniture, such as couches, chairs, curtains and tables, symmetrically placed in a room and in keeping with a color scheme of 1-3 colors.

Photography by: Kaylah Otto

Uniformity brings a calming vibe to any room, not to mention its ability to make the space more navigable and orderly.   Creating a sense of sameness can be a great way to make your home inviting and improve your own mood.