A living room is meant to be ‘lived’ in.   So how can we make our living rooms cozy and livable, yet full of design?

Photography by: Sidekix Media

COZY SOFA: First, to make sure our living room is cozy and livable, we always need a comfy sofa.   Plush, cloth material works best.   Make sure to think about quality because as they get jumped on, sat on, and slept on, you do not want it to wear away quickly.

Photography by: Andre Francois Mckenzie

DECOR: Second, to make our living room full of design, add your decor style throughout the room.   Curtains, tables, lamps, photos, throw pillows, and rugs.   There are so many opportunities to fill your rooms with style and make it look incredible.   Try this look out and you will fall in love with your living room.