One of the greatest parts of a kitchen that can make a stunning impact in your design are the cabinets.   They take up the most visual space in your kitchen, and therefore is one of the most important design pieces.   Let’s take a look at a couple amazing ideas.

Photography by: Breadmaker

Most of us, including me, LOVE white kitchens.   They make the kitchen look so clean and bright.   When selecting your cabinets, think also about your style.   Especially with white, try to bring in some character through subtle, raised panels or accents that will bring in both a new, modern, and classic look.   And even look at the color of the cabinets in the island!

Photography by: Artazum

Now, we all know that replacing cabinets can be somewhat costly.   So also think about simply resurfacing and repainting the cabinets that you already have.   This rustic, brown style on these cabinets definitely brings in warmth and character into a modern kitchen.